In my work, I pursue a visual language which I intend to relate to the experiences of the past and to the experiences of the future. Following my path, I focused on emphasizing how the concept of culture is vividly artificial and a transformable concept of becoming a tool of oppression. I find myself as a visual explorer that strives to find out the reasons of visually reflected issues and matters rather than a documentary photographer who tends to criticize the outcome of social problems.
             My primal works were interrogating the consequences of declining modernization utopia in the society of Turkey and the “new conservative” ideology that came along, whereas my recent work is researching the artificial cultural change arose from the utopia of being a part of Europe in the Ukraine which is a land of war.
              I’ve collected my latest two series in a book. My first photobook         “Supernova” approaches the political deadlock due to the crash of capitalist modernity in Europe as a dystopic movie. My second book “Colorful Passport” visualizes the problematics of construction of a new cultural utopia which was brought by the economical and ideological depression upon the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe

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