Let’s Set Our Watches



“There is no document of culture that is not at the same time a document of barbarism”

                                                                       Walter Benjamin/Passages/On History


“In the civilization adventure of the humanity, class roots of the structures underlying the symbols and their equivalents in the social memory bring to light in the rebellions against the power.


W.Benjamin states that one example of that happened during the July Revolution which started in 1830 in France, and workers were observed to have aimed at clock towers independently from each other in several parts of Paris.*


The clock towers, each of which is seen as civilization heritage, also appeared as a device of pressure to change the social life in the transition from feudalism to capitalism.


And, this study tries to reveal the class qualifications under the clock towers by using today’s means of rebellion.

*Walter Benjamin-Passages “On the Philosophy of History”-pg 46 YKY Publications

2013, Photograph
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